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The Community Story

The Community was founded in 1985. Jesus spoke to a sister in the Congregation of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit, Sr. Regina Collins, and asked her to start a new community which would be devoted to evangelization.

Four years later we were donated a house in Birmingham, England. In 1995 Jesus made it clear to us He wanted a house in Hungary.He even showed us the house He wanted although it was not for sale at that time.

God provided for our needs in wonderful ways. Praise to Him for ever.


Vocation of Community

The Mission of the Divine Love Community is to manifest:

  • the love of God our Father,
  • the salvation brought by Jesus,
  • the power of the Holy Spirit through proclaiming the Gospel in word and in deed

We wish to “devote ourselves to prayer and the service of the Word” (Act 6: 4)


The Messengers of Divine Love

Our main work is to evangelize. We are Missionaries and are called to spread the Gospel in England and Eastern Europe and now in India also.

We pray and make sacrifices especially for the salvation of souls, the souls in purgatory, and for the sick and troubled people. Teaching and helping others to deepen their relationship with Christ and grow in the gifts of the spirit are all part of our ministry.

We seek to serve those in need with humility recognizing that we too are needy. We all have different Ministries in the community. Some are called to intercede, others to preach the Gospel, and others to witness the Love of God through humble service.

We wish to be instruments of God in any way he chooses to use us. We are all called to love one another into wholeness. We hope to point people in the direction of Jesus through our example.

We wish to be people of praise so that God may be glorified; therefore we give time to praise and adoration. Through our encounter with God in prayer and the Sacraments we become a loving presence.

Our Community is open to men and women. We hope that some people will give a year or more to God in the Community before they marry. We hope that some will consecrate themselves to God for life in the Community with vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.

If you are interested and would like to give some time to God (half year or even more) in our community please contact us. We welcome both men and women over the age of 18.

Another form of commitment to the community is that of Associates. These are members living in their own homes, accepting and complying with their obligations to the community. By mutual agreement membership can be renewed every six months or yearly. We have more than 70 associate members in Hungary, Romania, England and India.


Where are we present?

We have houses in England, Hungary and Romania. We are working with the poor and orphans in Romania and have a retreat house in Torokbalint, Hungary. People can come and spend a few days with God. In the last few years we started a mission in India as well.

We are under the Catholic Bishop of the dioceses we are working in.

When we have complete trust in God He cannot resist helping us. He loves us and is interested in our material as well as spiritual needs. However He respects our freedom and will not interfere in our lives unless we ask Him.

Contact Us

House in England:

60 Holy Lane, Erdington,
Birmingham, B24 9JR

Tel.: 00 44 121 384 5002

E-mail: divinelovecom@gmail.com


Retreat Center in Hungary:

2045 Törökbálint
Baross Gabor u. 2

Tel: 0036 23 339 029

Mobil: 0036 30 49 29 441

E-mail: info.iszk@gmail.com


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Community House England



The Divine Love Community was founded in 1985 in England by Sr. Regina Collins. Jesus spoke to her while she was still in the Congregation of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit and asked her to start a new community which would be devoted to evangelization.

Four years later we were donated a house in Birmingham.

From the very beginning it started as a mixed community open to men and women alike, who wanted to devote a time to God before their marriage. Also for those who received a calling from God to devote their entire life.

Our community mostly did street and door to door evangelizing to take the Gospel’s good news to people and help them to experience God’s love.

Over the years, we have experienced the power of Adoration, how God is directly touching people, bringing repentance, healing and deliverance in their lives. Therefore, the first weekend of every month we have 40 hours of Adoration for conversions and healing of the sick.

We have two prayer groups meeting weekly. In the same time we provide spiritual counselling for those who come to us with various problems and we have an intercessory group.

We want to be God’s instruments through our prayers, sacrifices and ministry, so that we can help people.




Retreat Centre in Hungary



Our retreat house in Törökbálint was built in 1995 from donations. God has provided and still provides for the community in a wonderful way.

The retreat house is a place where various training courses take place, e.g. spiritual growth, moral teachings, inner healing, marriage preparation courses, youth mission, drawing attention to the dangers of drug and alcohol addictions. Schools also organize retreats in our centre.

We have prayer groups every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday evening. Every fourth Thursday we have an all-night Adoration. In addition, we spend one weekend a month in worship, prayer and spiritual input. The rest we keep free for weekend retreats and courses. Various groups use our retreat centre to organize their our own retreats.

Our members are involved in the local parish’s events. We encourage people to attend church.

People also come here to relax and meditate. We offer temporary hospitality e.g. people travelling to Romania who carry out charitable work. We can accommodate forty people. We also give out food to poor.

We provide spiritual counselling for those who come to us with various problems such as depression, suicidal tendencies, drug and alcohol addiction.

Together with our associate members we take part in various events in Hungary. We get invited to different places for healing ministry. However, we pray for those in need over the phone as well when they call us with their problems.

We help with organizing, missionary work, group discussions, national and international meetings and conferences organized by others.




God’s providence

Our Community began in 1985 in England. We are Messengers of Divine Love.

Our mission is the same as the apostles – prayer and the spread of the gospel. The Lord told us He would give us a house. One of the men in the community saw it in a vision. It had stained glass windows. True enough, in 1989 we were given a house with stained glass windows. About twenty men and women belonged to the Community and lived in their own homes. When we were given a house one man and three women moved into it. We had no furniture and no cooker. We only had £40 in the bank. At the last minute the people who were moving out of the house decided to give us their cooker on condition we prayed for them.

We did not have enough cups. However a lady brought us a gift of wineglasses. All the furniture we needed people brought to us without us asking. Sometimes we came home to find furniture left outside our front door. A Psychologist who came for prayer donated a washing machine. One day two of us saw a settee and an armchair at the back door of a furniture shop. We asked if they were for sale and we were told we could have them free.

We had asked permission to have a chapel in our house because adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is very important to us. We received a letter from the Archbishop saying that he was sending a priest to inspect our chapel. We did not have the chapel ready and we had no money. But miraculously the chapel was ready when the priest came. A tabernacle would have cost a L 1000 to buy but the local convent had a spare one in their cupboard for they had closed one of their houses so they gave it to us. A man had sent one of his workmen to put bookshelves in our house as a gift to us so we asked the workman to cut a hole in the wall and put the tabernacle in for us. A chalice was donated.

Our first winter in the house was very cold for England and we only had electric fires to heat the top floor. So when the three-monthly bill came it was very high. The morning Tom was going to the electricity people to ask if we could pay it a little at a time a cheque arrived in the post. It was from a nun that one of our Community had given spiritual direction to. It was the exact amount that was needed. God sometimes tests our faith in Him up to the last minute.

One year we had two Hungarian girls in our community. As they had no work permit they could not contribute towards their keep. One day we realised that soon we would not have enough money to buy food so at Morning Prayer we asked Our Lord to help us. That afternoon a man came round and gave us a £100. Two days later two women went shopping unknown to each other and brought lots of food round to the house. Another lady decided to try living on half her salary for one year and give money to us. Another lady started giving us a donation every week. Thus we had enough to support the Hungarians.

God has taken care of us wonderfully. He is the best boss to work for.


The power of the Blessed Sacrament and Prayer

Every morning we sang the praises of God for 1/2 h and had adoration for 1/2 h.

During this hour of prayer the dustmen emptied the waste paper bin at the bus stop outside our house in England every morning. One day the young priest in our community who was a hospital chaplain got called out to a dying patient. As he drove out of our driveway the dustmen asked, “What kind of house is this? Every morning outside your house we feel the presence of God.” Our house looked like the other houses in the street and had no sign saying Divine Love Community.

Fill your house with prayer and people will experience love and peace there. We prayed in every room of our large Hungarian house. Forty people can sleep there. When the insurance man inspected the rooms he said,
                                                        “Love shines from the walls of this house.”
Praise is especially a powerful prayer. There is a verse in one of the psalms, which says, “God dwells powerfully in the praises of his people.” The Israelites knew this that is why they put the musicians and singers at the head of their army when they marched into battle. If you are tempted or feeling depressed sing to God. In Acts we read that Paul and Silas were flogged and put into prison in stocks. They sang the praises of God although the blood was running down their backs. God’s power was released. There was a mini earthquake. The doors of the prison opened. The jailer and all his family were converted and baptised. It is good to praise God in times of trouble. When God sees such trust in Him He cannot resist helping us.

börtönből szabadon

Hungarian Charity



Name of Charity: Isteni Szeretet Közösség Alapítvány

Address: 2045 Törökbálint, Baross Gábor u. 2

UTR: 18671472-1-13

Bank account: OTP KBRT: 11742173-20143345




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Our books can be found in English or Hungarian and can be bought at our Community houses. For more details click on the images:

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